Amazon Resellers

More and more brands are looking to represent themselves on Amazon and they are reigning in resellers.  There are a number of brands that we represent that restrict their items from being sold on Amazon.  These brand include:

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Are you a vendor looking for help with your Amazon Store?

Hot Shots offers multiple levels of service to assist with selling on Amazon.  We have the space and staff required to properly prep and manage the workflow required to keep Amazon Stocked.  Here is how we can help:


If you are searching for someone to do the heavy lifting, we can provide these services and make your shipments ready for fulfillment by Amazon.

Bottle Wrapping


Applying Amazon ASIN Labels

Brand Representation

If you are looking for someone to prepare your sauces for fulfillment by Amazon, but you want to maintain control over the brand and the content displayed on the Amazon website.

FBA Order fulfillment

Total management with FBA fulfillment

Hot Shots will manage your brand on Amazon from start to finish.  We will assist with the following:

Item Management

A+ Content

Custom Service

FBA Fulfillment

Advertising management