Vendor Information

Purchasing Process
Hot Shots Distributing offers a wide variety of fiery products including hot sauces, barbecue sauces, spices, snack items, candies and much more! We look to provide a unique offering that evokes the passion of flavor and fire. Retail buyers choose Hot Shots because of our unique ability to attract fiery food consumers from around the world. We take great pride in our business, and we are committed to offering our retailers the best products and service at fair prices.

If you think your products are a good fit for our customer base and program, please send the following information below to submit your products for consideration. If we agree, then we will contact you for more information about your company and products.

What we look for in Vendor Partners

  • Vendor Partners who believe in supporting brick and mortar retail

  • Products with unique qualities/ features

  • Products that fit with our current offering and will lead to natural sales for our stores