Drop Shipping

Discover the benefits of Drop Shipping with Hot Shots!
Fast and easy startup + no inventory = huge cost savings

  • All orders received by 12pm EST will most likely be shipped the day they are received.
    (Orders received after 12pm EST will ship the following business day.)
  • Tracking numbers are emailed to you for your customer's convenience
  • There are no damage or shortage claims to file
  • Best of all, your orders are shipped from "your warehouse" (your business name appears on the shipping label with Hot Shots’ address)

Program Fee(s):

  • Required: $600 membership fee for 12 months (non-refundable)
  • Optional: $800 one-time fee for flat file which includes product information and photos for fast and easy upload to your website

How Hot Shots Drop Shipping Works:
Your Job:

Send a Purchase Order and Packing Slip to Hot Shots via email. (Please note we do not accept drop ship orders on our website or via phone or fax)

Required information on your purchase order:

  • Your billing address and company name
  • Hot Shots’ product descriptions and item numbers
  • Shipping method (Please see this page for a listing of available shipping methods) If a shipping method is not specified, the order will ship FedEx Ground.
  • Your purchase order number (limited to 10 characters, including spaces)
  • Your customer’s address in this format:

  1. Customer Business Name (if applicable)
  2. Customer Name
  3. Street Address
  4. Suite/Apartment number (if applicable)
  5. City/State/Zip
  6. Country (if applicable)

A packing slip is not required, but if you do not provide a packing slip, no paperwork will be included with your shipments.

*Please also note that all changes as well as questions and inquiries regarding drop ship orders must be emailed so there is a record of communication. Drop ship orders will not be amended or discussed via phone.

Shipping Rates:

Hot Shots does not provide shipping quotes for drop ship orders. You can determine the approximate shipping costs on Fedex.com, and most shopping carts offer an integrated FedEx rating tool. Please add 12% to your shipping total (the 12% charge does not apply to the product total). Hot sauces weigh approximately 1 lb ea and most other items weigh 2 lbs each. The origin zip is 28217. For example, if the FedEx published rate is $10.00, Hot Shots would bill you $11.20 for shipping charges. Hot Shots does not charge additional handling fees. If applicable, Hot Shots charges a flat $4/box fee for USPS orders and offers a 20% freight discount for orders shipped via FedEx Express.

Our Service:

  1. Hot Shots will fulfill the order and ship it directly to your customer addressed from "your warehouse" - if provided, your customized packing slip will be included.
  2. If we do not have an item in stock, you will be notified immediately via email. We will not ship the order until you let us know how you would like us to handle it. Please let us know if you would like us to:

    • Hold (once the item arrives back in stock, the order will ship complete as quickily as possible without additional notification)
    • Remove & Ship (the out of stock item will be removed from the order and the remainder of the order will be shipped)
    • Substitute (you/your customer select an in stock item to substitute)
    • Cancel (the entire order will be cancelled)
    • Hold & Advise (We will notify you when the product arrives and ask if you would like to ship the order at that time)

    If a response regarding your order is not received within two weeks, the order will be cancelled and restocked (if necessary). This includes orders holding for invalid addresses and/or declined credit cards.

  3. Once the order(s) ship(s), Hot Shots will email an invoice for each order, including tracking numbers. Invoices are emailed automatically no later than the business day following the shipment date.
  4. If there is a problem with an order - damage or shortage - notify us immediately with your purchase order number, the nature of the problem, and whether you would like a re-shipment of the product or a credit to be issued. Hot Shots will file the necessary paperwork with the carrier and send a replacement package to your customer or a credit memo to you. Please allow Hot Shots to contact the carrier on your behalf.
  5. Any issues concerning your orders will be dealt with directly with you - Hot Shots will never communicate with your customers.

Hot Shots requires a credit card on file for all drop ship accounts. Please request a credit card authorization form. Your credit card will be processed at the end of each business day for all orders shipped that day.